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Calendar 2023

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There is no Deaf Conference
There is no Traveling 6th Degree
   January 2023
   th - Quarterly Report Due
   10th - Board Meeting 
   13th-15th - Winter Youth Camp TBD
                  (Registration Required) 
  14th Board Meeting
  4th - Community Service/Lecturer State Office
                    (Registration Required)
  8th - Youth/Junior Conference State Office
                    (Registration Required)
  11th - Youth/Junior Conference State Office
                    (Registration Required)
  1st - Junior Sleep Over - State Office
  1st - State Dartball Tournament Fredericktown School Adminstration Builcing
  5th - Quarterly Reports Due
  9th 150th Birthday of the Ohio State Grange
  12th - Board Meeting
  15th - Work Day State Office
  15th - Family Activities Conference - Wayne County
                     (Registration Required)
  22nd - Family Activities Conference - Fairfield County
                     (Registration Required)


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